About The Photographer

“See” in a New Way

Diane is a natural light photographer that lives in Estes Park, CO. She has been an enthusiastic and passionate photographer for the past 10 years.
The natural beauty of flowers and landscapes is a constant source of her inspiration. She is a photographer with a passion for nature photography. It’s nature that provides the curves, shapes, and colors that she is driven to capture. She is fascinated by the patterns, lines, textures, and designs in the natural world that encourage you to “see” in a new way.
Macro work has always been at the forefront of her photographic work. She uses a shallow depth of field and selective focus. In this way, she draws the viewers eye to where they can see the flower the way she sees them. She will push the limit experimenting with images in Photoshop and Topaz Studio merging layers and adding textures.
Living in Estes Park, CO, the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park, has been the focus for many of her landscape photos. Visiting the many beautiful areas and mountains in Colorado has also created many photo opportunities for her all year round.
Most of her photos are displayed on paper, wood, or metal. The finished product is long-lasting and perfect for your home or office.